My name is Justin and I created this sight to help others find financial
freedom through my experiences with different
programs that offer passive income and educating myself through reading.

My Background

I was born and raised in Bonner Springs, KS. My family moved to Riverton, IL in 1997. I played three sports (football, basketball, and baseball) through my middle school and high school years. I went to college at Lincoln Land Community College pursuing a degree in Nursing.

I obtained my nursing degree in 2010 and began working as a Cardiac Nurse. I was fortunate enough to meet my wife while working as a nurse. She was in nursing school and later obtained her degree in 2012.

My son was born in 2015. And, that is when my search for passive income started kicking in. I am fairly risking in my purchases in attempts to find a good money making strategy. I have no finance background and will be working my way up from the ground level.

If you are reading this, Welcome to the Family. I really want this site to be a community focused on finding ways to create more family time with less hours a week focused on making someone else money.


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